TR-069 Device Management for Wireless Broadband

Accelerated Wireless Services Deployment

Friendly’s 4G LTE is a unified device management solution for LTE and wireless networks. The solution accelerates mass deployment of wireless services, monitors subscribers’ QoE and reduces deployment and operational costs. Friendly’s 4G LTE solution manages and supports devices including modems, routers, RG, IPTV STBs, IP phones, smartphones, femtocells (small cells), dongles, mobile hostpots and more.


  • Accelerated Wireless Broadband Deployment - Friendly’s 4G LTE device management solution facilitates rapid and efficient deployment of Data, VoIP and IPTV services, enabling xSPs to capture and grow their market share much faster
  • The world's most installed device Management solution for LTE and wireless networks - Friendly’s unified device management solution is installed by the leading Tier 1, 2 and 3 operators, as well as small and medium WISPs worldwide. The system is easy to deploy and use, automatically manages any type of device and requires minimal professional services.
  • Dramatic Cost Reduction - Friendly’s 4G LTE solution can reduce operational costs by 60% buy cutting the average support call duration, fast problem resolution, Self-Support Portal for non-technical users, eliminated truck-roll, zero-touch self-installation and shorter time to train the call center representatives.
  • LTE-specific features and RAN awareness -With the enabled mapping of the UE( CPE) to its associated eNodeB (BTS), Friendly 4G LTE solution offers flexible and smart control over UE devices, accelerated wireless broadband deployment and maximized network performance. Based on Friendly 4G RAN Awareness the Service Operator can find all UEs associated to an eNodeB (BTS ID), perform FW upgrade on UEs based on network topology,track and analyze UE switchover activity.
  • Unified Device Management - Friendly’s 4G LTE Unified Device Management solution supportsall types of OMA-DM, TR-069 and SNMP devices.
  • QoE Monitoring:Improved customer experience, reduced churn - Friendly’s QoE Monitoring solution measures the radio and connectivity performance from the UE and enables the reflection of network performance. Based on unique QoE Proxy technology enabling monitoring of millions of devices, it observes the services’ KPIs, proactively identifying the service problems before they are felt by the subscriber.

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