USP/TR-369 - The User Services Platform

Friendly’s solution leverages TR-069 protocols, to offer a more comprehensive solution enabling the management of smart devices.

In 2018, the Broadband Forum released TR-369 USP - the User Services Platform. In addition to being a faster and more flexible at meeting the existing use cases of TR-069, USP is built to enable additional features facilitating seamless management of new types of devices. One of the development goals of USP was to serve as a natural evolution of TR-069, allowing TR-069 users to seamlessly migrate to USP without having to re-architect their OSS/BSS or device/driver integration.

Friendly TR-369 USP Solution

Friendly’s TR-369 USP solution leverages TR-069 specification to offer a more comprehensive solution enabling the management of smart devices.

The company’s User Services Protocol solution is designed with four major features in mind:

  • Managing additional types of devices – managing IoT devices in addition to standard Telecom devices
  • Service management – ability to manage specific services individually
  • Standardization and ease of migration - TR-369 USP meets the challenges of connected device management with an interoperable, non-proprietary standard, that easily evolves from existing TR-069 deployments.
  • Security - USP is designed with application layer security, authentication, integrity, and privacy from the ground up.

Friendly's TR-369 USP is designed to enable the following functionality:

  • Wi-Fi Optimization
  • Bulk statistics collection
  • Standardized IoT management - unified management of devices based on non-IP protocols like ZigBee, Zwave and others
  • Customer self-care applications - customer self-care without dependence on cloud resources
  • Application enabled smart gateways - device management and the lifecycle management of third-party applications like security, Wi-Fi telemetry, and parental controls.
  • Secure communication