Test Your Devices' TR-069 Compatibility

TR-069 Compatibility with One Click

Expedit time-to-market and avoid interchangeability problems that might affect your operations. In just a few minutes of automated comprehensible testing you can save hundreds of man hours of hard manual and frustrating work. Avoid unpleasant and hardly discoverable interoperability surprises during or after the field installation stage.

The solution is offered as SaaS or Stand-alone lab installation.

TR-069 Tester tool Friendly Technologies

Friendly TR-069 Tester Components

  • TR-069 ACS engine
  • Preconfigured testing scripts
  • Admin application to conduct the test


  • Ensure device TR-069 compatibility
  • Reduce implementation and deployment costs
  • Expedite time to market
  • Avoid unpleasant surprises and help discover problems


  • Automated testing of TR-069 Protocol compatibility
  • Automated testing of standard data models
  • Predefined use-cases
  • Self-customization of tests & use-cases
  • Ability to create new tests
  • SaaS and Stand-alone solution
  • Comprehensive reports

List of Tests

The solution runs more than a hundred tests to verify the correctness of TR-069 session from the device to ACS. The ability of the device to perform TR-069 commands, such as firmware download and upgrade, device reboot, speed test and many others. Contact us for the full list of performed tests.

List of Tested Data Models

  • TR-069
  • TR-098
  • TR-104
  • TR-106
  • TR-135
  • TR-140
  • TR-143
  • TR-157
  • TR-181
  • TR-196
  • TR-262