TR-069 Device Management

Installed by 200 + Carriers and CSPs worldwide, Friendly's TR-069 platform is a unified, scalable and robust device management solution enabling carriers and CSPs to automate the deployment and support of Data, VoIP and IPTV. The solution provisions and manages devices such as gateways, routers, IPTV STBs, IP Phones, femtocells, mobile hotspots, dongles, storage devices and more. Friendly's TR-069 solution is the easiest solution on the market to deploy, integrate and use.

TR-069 Architecture Friendly Technologies

Friendly TR-069 Device Management Architecture

Friendly's TR-069 Solution supports

  • Any type of device on any network automatically
  • Standard protocols – TR-069, OMA-DM, SNMP, LWM2M, MQTT and more
  • File-based Device Management (IP-Phones management)
  • Devices behind NAT (via STUN or XMPP)
  • Residential and Enterprise provisioning scenarios
  • Multi-Tenant and Multi-Hierarchy deployments
  • IPv4 and IPv6

Friendly's TR-069 Suite - Main Modules

  • Multi-protocol ACS Device Management Engine
  • Provisioning Mediator
  • TR-069 ACS Management Console - Friendly's Management Console offers remote management of CPEs. It enables independent creation of new data models to be supported by the ACS. New CPE types or data models can be easily added by the system administrator without any assistance from Friendly Technologies or extensive knowledge of CWMP.
  • Provisioning Portal - Friendly's Provisioning Portal automates the provisioning of new subscribers to Internet services. The provisioning portal offers a single unified interface for the provisioning of all device types and serves as a front end to all the back-office systems involved in the provisioning process.
  • Call Center Portal - Friendly's Call Center Portal allows service representatives to manage and control a specific CPE during a support call. Using the Call Center Portal, the CSR can remotely diagnose and resolve problems through intuitive screens and automated processes.
  • Event Management System - Friendly's Events Management System (FEMS) automates problem resolution with predefined scripts. The scripts are automatically triggered by events, which may be generated by external systems or by the user, and include automated problem resolution as well notification to external systems and applications.
  • Self-Support Portal - Friendly's Self Support portal reduces the number of calls to the help desk and increases customer satisfaction, by allowing non-technical subscribers to independently diagnose and repair problems related to data, voice and video services.
  • BI Report Generator - The Friendly Business Intelligence (BI) Report Generator enables quick and reliable generation of reports related to the status of managed devices and their activities.
  • NBI/APIs
  • QoE Monitoring Pro - Measures quality of service at the subscriber endpoint. Based on unique "QoE Proxy" technique, which facilitates the observation of TR-069 performance, Service Operators can proactively identify problems before they are felt by the customer, reducing service calls and churn and increasing satisfaction.

Integration Options

TR-069 Integration Options

Unique Technology:

  • Smart Layer™ - enables connection and management of any new device type for any new service without a need of extra development or manual customization (i.e. no need for professional services, templates creation, script writing etc.) The user interface is automatically adjusted according to each device's capabilities.
  • Friendly APR™ (Automatic Problem Resolution) – expert system for proactive diagnostics and resolution of CPE problems.
  • Smart API™ - to manage various protocols and multiple types of devices with high-level commands. No need to change your back office integration while introducing new services or types of devices.

Friendly APR™ (Automatic Problem Resolution)

Friendly APR™ feature can be activated via following scenarios:

  • Event triggered by the CPE: Automated diagnostics and problem resolution based on events received from the CPE
  • Friendly Advisor in the Call Center Portal: Performance of automatic diagnostics, and offering a "Fix-It" button
  • Problem Resolution Wizard: The CSR can type a problem name and obtain a list of common issues that can be resolved by running a script.

The system includes an on-screen editor that enables the definition of problem resolution scenarios.

Friendly APR - Some of Use Case Examples:

  • Customer complains about slow Internet connection
  • Customer complains about WiFi problem
  • CPE reports that an important setting was changed by the user
  • CPE reports that RSSI is poor on an LTE network

Deployment Options

Friendly's device management solution can be installed:

  • On Premises - separate systems with optional top management layer to aggregate reports
  • Cloud based – separate instances with optional top management layer to aggregate reports
  • Cloud based - one system with multi-tenants and unlimited hierarchies (see the illustration below)
  • Modular Solution – ability to integrate to existing solutions

TR-069 multi-tenant and multi-hierarchy solution

Device-Agnostic Solution

Friendly’s TR-069 solution supports all types of devices over TR-069, SNMP and other protocols. With the Friendly solution, all devices can be managed using one platform.

Dramatic Cost Reduction

Based on the experience of our 200 + customers, Friendly's device management solution automates first-time installation (by reducing the need for truck-roll), reduces the number of calls to the support center and shortens the average call handling time by 60%.

Friendly Cyber Shield

Friendly Cyber Shield module actively monitors patterns in device configuration to detect Cyber and DDoS attack before they happen. This allows detecting attack attempts in their early stages, long before hackers succeed in turning masses of managed devices into an “army of botnets.” Thus, network administrators can take timely preventing actions, providing an effective defense against security threats.

  • From device to ACS: Encrypted and secured communication to devices (AES-128, HTTPS, SSL) through a variety of standard and proprietary protocol. Support of Certificate based authentication. Support of “white list” (by various options). Support of unique credentials per CPE for authentication.
  • ACS protection: Installed in secured LAN. Unpublished Web services requires authentication.
  • User Data protection: Passwords are stored encrypted.
  • In-house intrusion protection: all users and API calls required authentication
  • Unique Cyber threat security monitoring layer: to identify DDoS attacks and abnormal behavior.

Full Support of the TR-069 Protocol

Friendly's TR-069 ACS solution includes full support of the TR-069 protocol; including subset protocols. The solution supports the "Must", "Recommended" and "Optional" features of the TR-069 solution as described by the Broadband Forum. The additional protocols support is added as the protocols are updated by the Broadband Forum.

Scalable Architecture

Built on an industry proven Application Server architecture, the Friendly TR-069 ACS is scalable, allowing it to support a virtually unlimited number of CPE devices. Because it’s based on widely deployed application server and database technologies, the same load balancing, clustering and failure recovery techniques used to provide massive scalability, improved reliability, and availability for large-scale web sites and enterprise applications are also applicable to accommodate a growing customer base.

What makes Friendly's TR-069 the best solution on the market?

  • Top Quality products, the deployment requires minimal professional services
  • A full solution– integrated will all required components
  • Future-proof solution– IoT-ready
  • Modular solution – select the best solution for you
  • Built to grow – in scale, scope or functionality
  • Automation features – device integration automation, automatic problem resolution, automatic software UI adjustment to device capabilities
  • Excellent and Friendly service – Please ask our customers!