Friendly Wifi Mesh Solution

The Friendly Wifi Mesh solution enables carriers and CSPs to offer strong and reliable wireless connectivity for all connected devices in the end users smart home.

Unlike range extenders that reduce speed in half, Friendly’s WiFi Mesh system provides end-to-end solid coverage all around. Nodes can be placed anywhere to create a natural blend with any environment. Even if a subscriber’s home is already connected with internet wires, a Tri Band will enhance performances and reduce exterior intrusion.

The Friendly solution incorporates automated self- installation and automated configuration of WIFI mesh devices, a topological map of the devices installed at home, easy modifications to network name and password, problem diagnostics and repair, call center tools and self-healing tools. Friendly’s WiFi mesh solution offers quality monitoring, diagnostics and problem resolutions.

This joins Friendly tech’s standard solution line of products, including the most comprehensive solution for all WiFi issues in the connected home.

Friendly’s WiFi mesh systems are the way to an easier future – accompanied with an app for setup guidance and control and fully customizable.