QoE Service for WiFi, VoiP and IPTV

QoE service with advanced WiFi monitoring for telecom and internet service providers

The Friendly QoE system monitors any number of devices and alerts the service provider to any change in customer’s experience.The system generates warnings on degradation of the QoE for data, voice and video services with a dedicated capabilities to monitor the quality of Wifi at subscriber’s home. This allows service providers to resolve issues before the user requires a support call, and ensures that consumers benefit from the highest quality of services.

Every service provider monitors their networks to ensure optimal QoE.Friendly gives additional insight into what is happening in the consumer’s home or office, including devices that are beyond the router, and connected by Wifi.

The ability to monitor QoE on Wifi is critical, as this remains one of the main frustrations for the subscribers and creates expensive calls to call centers.Friendly’s QoE offers real insight into the users experience and reduces costs related to technical calls at call centers.

The Friendly QoE system identifies devices and retains data for historical reporting, fault localization, troubleshooting, trend analysis and the capability to forecast demands.In some instances, the service provider can resolve issues automatically so the consumer is not even aware that there was an issue.

The new version of QoE is already implemented by telecom and ISPs around the world, and gives a real view into the consumers’ experience.