QoE Monitoring for Data, VoIP and IPTV Services

Manage Customer QoE ans Reduce Churn

The most significant competitive advantage - what separates one xSP from another - is Quality of Service. Friendly QoE Monitoring Pro enables xSPs to deliver and maintain a consistently high level of service to subscribers. Friendly QoE Monitoring Pro enables you to constantly monitor and collect KPIs of Data, VoIP and IPTV services in order to proactively identify problems such as bottlenecks and system degradation. Collected data is used to analyze device performance and verify that subscribers gets the proper SLA.

Take Proactive Measures - Identify Possible Problems Before They Occur

FriendlyQoE Monitoring Pro detects performance degradation and sends alerts to back office systems, based on thresholds breaches. Alerts are issued via SNMP traps, by email or through a Web Service. The problems can then be analyzed and ISP can take proactive measures.

QoE Monitoring TR-069 Friendly Technologies

Use Smart Formulas for Precise QoE Analytics

The smart processing of customer data allows precise and proactive measurements that ensure a high level of delivered services. FriendlyQoE’s smart formulas were compiled based on feedback from Carriers and xSPs. Friendly QoE Monitoring Pro uses smart formulas to monitor customer usage and perform pattern analysis based on geographical location, user group or technology aggregators, in real time.

Easily Generate Graphs and Reports

Friendly QoE includes a powerful and easy-to-use graph and report generator that enables you to easily create graphs and reports using historical KPI measurement, pattern analysis, customer behavior, forecasting more.

QoE CPE Graph Report TR-069 Friendly Technologies.png

Reduce Ongoing Costs

It is estimated that an average support call lasts 15 minutes and costs between $10-$30. By identifying and solving problems before they are felt by the customer, Friendly QoE enables operators to reduce the number of calls to the Support Center and cut operational costs.

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