Wireless Broadband Device Management

Friendly4G LTE solution accelerates mass deployment of wireless services, monitors subscribers' QoE and reduces deployment and operational costs. Friendly's 4G LTE solution manages and supports devices including modems, routers, RG, IPTV STBs, IP phones,smartphones, femtocells, dongles, MiFi, M2M devices and more.


  • The world's most installed device management solution for 4G LTE/ wireless broadband networks
  • Unified device management - supports all types of OMA-DM, TR-069 and SNMP devices
  • Accelerated wireless broadband deployment - shortens time to market and enables rapid growth of market share
  • Dramatic cost reduction - cuts the average support call duration, eliminates expensive truck-roll and reduces the number of calls to call center
  • QoE monitoring - better customer experience, less churn
  • UniqueSmart Layer technology - completely automated introduction of new types of devices and data models

Solution Components

  • Friendly4G LTE DM Server - Handles communication with CPEs
  • Friendly4G LTE Management Console - Manages CPEs and the OMA-DM/TR-069 ACS operation
  • Friendly4G LTE Provisioning Portal - Facilitates self-installationFriendly4G LTE API (NBI). Designed for back office systems such as OSS and CRM
  • Friendly4G LTE Call Center Portal -Shortens time per call and enables remote diagnosis of CPE problems
  • Friendly Self-Support Portal - Reduces the number of calls and increases satisfaction by allowing subscribers to repair problems
  • Friendly QoE Monitoring Pro - Measures quality of service and signal strength at the subscriber endpoint for Data, VoIP and IPTV
  • Friendly Event Management System - Automates troubleshooting with predefined scripts based on events arriving from the CPEs
  • Friendly BI - Enables the creation of dynamic reports, customized based on your needs

Main Features

  • Interoperability with all 4G devices
  • Remote management of devices, including CPEs installed behind NAT
  • Remote firmware management
  • Automatic provisioning of new services
  • Inventory management
  • Smart campaign management(grouping, tasks, scheduler and reports)
  • Mass update of groups of devices
  • Support for hundreds of thousands of devices on a single server, and millions of devices with a clustered solution
  • High-availability architecture
  • SaaS/Cloud version
  • Easy integration with back office systems
  • JAVA based application running on any standard server
  • Support for MySQL or Oracle (including RAC)
  • User Management, enabling generation of an unlimited number of user profiles with different permissions
  • Self-customization capabilities and script editor