Friendly Embedded Clients

Friendly LWM2M Client

Friendly's Lightweight M2M (OMA-LWM2M) embedded client is designed for management of constrained IoT and M2M devices and sensors. Friendly’s OMA-LWM2M client has a notably small CPU and memory footprint designed specifically with the IoT concept in mind, and it targets LTE Category 1, Category 0 and Category M devices.

The OMA-LWM2M Client includes the Client itself which is usually provided as an object code and the SDK which is provided as a source code with integration samples. Our technical team is available for integration assistance.

Additionally, Friendly can provide an OMA-LWM2M server for lab testing and\or for commercial deployments. Read More

Friendly OMA-DM Client

Friendly OMA-DM Embedded Client and SDK (FOCS) is a framework implementing OMA-DM 1.2 protocol. Friendly's OMA-DM Embedded Client is designed for devices with more resources and additional requirements. The OMA-DM embedded client is ideal for device manufacturers and mobile carriers, and allows the deployment of embedded clients for device management and support—specifically for devices that run over a Linux/Android OS, such as dongles, gateways, 4G routers, healthcare and security devices, and cars. The Friendly OMA-DM Client supports advanced features and has been successfully tested and deployed by major US-based carriers. Read More

Friendly TR-069 Client

Friendly TR-069 client provides CWMP RPC functionality as defined by TR-069 Issue 1 Amendment 5, Protocol Version 1.3, between the host CPE device and an Auto Configuration server (ACS). Friendly TR-069 client implementation is targeted at CPE devices running embedded Linux. Other environments are a straightforward implementation. Read More