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Friendly Embedded Clients

Friendly LWM2M Client

Friendly's Lightweight M2M (OMA-LWM2M) embedded client is designed for management of constrained IoT and M2M devices and sensors. Friendly’s OMA-LWM2M client has a notably small CPU and memory footprint designed specifically with the IoT concept in mind, and it targets LTE Category 1, Category 0 and Category M devices.

The OMA-LWM2M Client includes the Client itself which is usually provided as an object code and the SDK which is provided as a source code with integration samples. Our technical team is available for integration assistance.

Additionally, Friendly can provide an OMA-LWM2M server for lab testing and\or for commercial deployments. Read More

Friendly OMA-DM Client

Friendly OMA-DM Embedded Client and SDK (FOCS) is a framework implementing OMA-DM 1.2 protocol. Friendly's OMA-DM Embedded Client is designed for devices with more resources and additional requirements. The OMA-DM embedded client is ideal for device manufacturers and mobile carriers, and allows the deployment of embedded clients for device management and support—specifically for devices that run over a Linux/Android OS, such as dongles, gateways, 4G routers, healthcare and security devices, and cars. The Friendly OMA-DM Client supports advanced features and has been successfully tested and deployed by major US-based carriers. Read More

Friendly TR-069 Client

Friendly TR-069 client (CWMPC) provides CWMP RPC functionality as defined by TR-069 Issue1 Amendment 5, Protocol Version 1.3, between the host CPE device and an ACS. The OEM CWMP CPE client implementation is targeted at CPE devices running embedded Linux. Other environments are a straightforward implementation. The OEM client package includes the source code for multiple data models with stubbed off getter/setter functions that normally will run on the target platform once the cross-compile issues are resolved. This source provides a jump-start on the TR-069 implementation. Executable demonstration versions of this code are available for X86 Linux workstations. Read More

Friendly Technologies is honored to receive Frost & Sullivan’s 2015 Best Practices Award for Unified Device and Smart Home Management


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