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TR-069 Device Management

Friendly Technologies offers a unified, scalable and robust TR-069 device management solution enabling carriers and xSPs to automate the deployment and support of Data, VoIP and IPTV services. Friendly's TR-069 ACS solution provisions and manages devices such as RG/iAd, routers, IPTV STBs, ATA, IP Phones, femtocells, small cells, mobile hotspots, dongles, storage devices and more. The Friendly solution services xDSL, FTTH, cable, satellite and WiMax/LTE networks.

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Smart Home Open Platform

Friendly Technologies' solution for smart home management is an open platform for easy and effective connection and management of the digital home. With Friendly's platform, service providers can Introduce a new Smart Home Service to their subscribers and increase their average income per subscriber. Friendly's Smart Home solution offers the user a coherent and holistic view of all devices in the smart home - from appliances and security sensors, to cameras and power management. The solution includes camera view, sensors status, alarms upon events, automated scenarios and more.

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Internet of Things Product Line

Friendly's IoT product line is a unified management platform for the following verticals: Utilities, Health Care, Industrial M2M, Automotive, Smart City. The system enables remote management of any type of IoT device, including constrained devices (with limited RAM, power and connectivity capacity). Friendly’s IoT solution offers a management Admin Console, QoE Dashboard and extensive API for self-development of vertical applications. The solution management IoT devices via standard protocols, such as: TR-069, OMA-DM, LWM2M, MQTT and other proprietary protocols.

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4G LTE Device Management

Friendly’s 4G LTE is a unified device management solution for Fixed & Mobile devices over LTE & WiMax networks. The solution accelerates mass deployment of mobile services, monitors subscribers’ QoE and reduces deployment and operational costs. Friendly’s 4G LTE solution manages and supports devices including modems, routers, RG, IPTV STBs, IP phones, smartphones, femtocells, dongles, MiFi, M2M devices and more.

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Advanced Quality of Experience Monitoring

FriendlyQoE Monitoring Pro measures quality of service of Data, VoIP and IPTV services from the subscriber’s endpoint. Based on the unique QoE Proxy technology that facilitates monitoring millions of devices, FriendlyQoE Monitoring Pro detects services’ KPI degradation and generates alerts. By allowing xSPs to take proactive measures and maintain higher QoE, Friendly helps xSPs decrease churn, increase subscriber satisfaction and strengthen customer loyalty.

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Automated TR-069 Tester

With FriendlyTR69 Tester, you can expedite your time-to-market capability and avoid inter-operability problems which might affect operations. In a few minutes of automated yet comprehensible testing, you can save hundreds of manual labor hours and all that frustrating work! Friendly's TR-069 Tester enables you to avoid all those complex and hardly discoverable inter-operability surprises which are revealed during or after field installation. Our solution is offered either as SaaS, or as a Stand-alone lab installation.

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Friendly Technologies is honored to receive Frost & Sullivan’s Best Practices Award for Unified Device and Smart Home Management

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