Friendly Technologies is facing an increasing demand for multi-tenant device management. In this post we will briefly describe this type of solution and explain how it can help CPS deliver and support IoT and triple-play services to its corporate customers.

Multi-tenant device management

Multi-tenant device management is the ability to manage several separate entities on one platform, while each entity has an ability to view and manage only the devices that belong to it. The Admin console of this solution can manage devices of all the entities.

For example:

A Carrier can support subscribers’ devices in multiple geographical areas on one management platform, and have a separate customer support call center for each geo area, manage multiple daughter CSPs companies on one platform.

Multi-hierarchy device management

Multi-hierarchy device management is a multi-tenant system with more than one hierarchy level.

For example:

A Carrier which provides IP-phone management to large corporates. You can manage all of the corporates’ IP-Phones on one (multi-tenant platform, while each corporate can manage its own devices by multiple locations/ divisions/ buildings under it multi-hierarchy.

The solution enables each hierarchy level admin to manage all the devices of its hierarchy and the devices of hierarchies underneath it.

Another example of such implementation – is the management of IP phones of virtual PBX where a carrier can create a separate entity for each organization and also create lower hierarchy levels for the departments and sub-departments of each organization.

The main benefit of Friendly’s TR-069 ACS Servers‘ Multi-Tenant & Multi-Hierarchy solution is that you can manage many entities on one platform without having to allocate a separate server for each entity. This solution saves operational support and server maintenance costs.

The deployment options of Friendly’s Multi-Tenant & Multi-Hierarchy solution are:

  • on-premises installation (TR-069 ACS server)
  • cloud-based installation – one multi-tenant systems with unlimited amount of hierarchies

Friendly’s Multi-Tenant Solution enables management of numerous entities and types of devices (as well as file-based devices) over such protocols as TR-069, LWM2M, SNMP, OMA-DM, MQTT, and others.

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