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TR-069 News | Feb 15, 2018

Wi-Fi Connectivity and QoE - Problem Resolution

"My Internet Is Too Slow!"

This is the most common complaint received by Support Call Centers every day. Our CSP and telco customers report that 60-80% of the calls related to "No Internet/Poor Internet" complaints stem from Wi-Fi issues.

Today, Wi-Fi has become extremely prominent. People are using Wi-Fi at home – on laptops, mobile phones and smart devices, including Smart TV, home media centers, and even smart appliances. As all those devices source Internet from home Wi-Fi networks, the networks become congested. Wi-Fi QoE has become a real source of trouble for service providers.

In the upcoming webinar, Friendly will present an advanced set of tools for prevention, detection, and resolution of Wi-Fi problems.

Wifi Issues friendly technologies tr-069

Friendly's Wi-Fi toolset includes:

  • Newly added features of Friendly's TR-069 Call Center Portal
  • End-user mobile app for Wi-Fi optimization

Wi-Fi Problem Resolution Tr-069 ACS Friendly Technologies

Friendly's set of tools for Wi-Fi problem resolution enables CSPs to:

  • Quickly identify and resolve problems
  • Dramatically reduce support call handling time
  • Reduce the number of calls to CSRs with Friendly's Wi-Fi optimization app
  • Improve triple play services quality
  • Increase customer satisfaction and reduce churn

Two sessions are available for this webinar:
February 20, 11:00 AM (GMT+2) - Register Now
February 22, 5:00 PM (GMT+2) - Register Now

We look forward to seeing you at the webinar!

The Friendly Technologies Team

Liel Anisenko

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