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IoT News | Mar 09, 2018

Use Case: International Food and Drink Company Goes Smart with Friendly.

One of the leading international food and drink companies recently deployed Friendly's One-IoT™ management platform for remote monitoring and management of its smart vending machines.

Friendly's One-IoT™ Management Platform enables efficient management of vending machines, improved security and monitoring of critical parameters:

  • Inventory
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Location

Friendly's One-IoT™ Platform enables remote management of vending machines and kiosks via standard protocols, such as: LwM2M, OMA-DM, MQTT, TR-069 and other proprietary protocols. The platform enhances standard vending machines and kiosks and turns them into Internet-enabled and manageable devices that report customer information, offer interactive consumer experiences, provide business transformation and reduce operational costs.

Smart machines transmit supply and demand data, sales, troubleshooting information and service data via LwM2M protocol to Friendly's cloud-based One-IoT™ Management server and are managed via cellular IoT gateways, enabling predictive maintenance of the machines, customer usage metrics, and a quarterly remote update of software and display information.

Friendly Supports All Standard Protocols

In this case, LwM2M protocol was chosen for management of the machines for its notable advantages. LwM2M protocol is used for management of constrained IoT and M2M devices and sensors with low memory and power. It has a small CPU and memory footprint designed specifically with the IoT concept in mind.

Friendly's One-IoT™ platform, however, enables remote management of IoT devices via all standard protocols, as well as proprietary protocols.

Liel Anisenko

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