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TR-069 News | Sep 05, 2016

Overcoming Challenges of Multi-Protocol Device Management - TRUE Thailand Case Study

Customer: TRUE Thailand.

TRUE is a communication conglomerate in Thailand, controls Thailand's largest cable TV provider (TrueVisions), its largest ISP (True Internet), and one of its largest mobile operators (True Move). It operates fixed-line, wireless, cable TV, IPTV and Broadband services.


  • Management of cable, DSL and FTTH CPEs on one platform
  • Lowering operational costs


  • Friendly deployed a single, unified solution for optimized management of SNMP and TR-069 device
  • Friendly's solution demonstrated a clear ROI during three-months-long trial
  • Friendly introduced a robust, carrier-class system designed to support company's growth and manage millions of devices

Friendly Technologies helped TRUE Thailand to simplify its management process, reduce support costs and control the subscriber base growth. Friendly's TR-069 ACS was able to manage both SNMP and TR-069 protocol devices on one platform. The solution enabled TRUE to streamline support management and cut the operating costs. The devices managed by Friendly's ACS, were fully integrated with TRUE's backoffice systems (cable provisioning, DSL provisioning and CRM), facilitating seamless association between devices, customers and services. Friendly's highly scalable and robust solution is capable of supporting TRUE's rapid growth, managing millions of devices.

Why was Friendly's TR-069 Solution chosen?

Prior to selecting a device management vendor, TRUE initiated an RFP. As a result, three vendors were chosen for short-term trial. Based on the results of this trial, two vendors were chosen to proceed to a three-months-long Proof-of-Concept stage.The trial aimed to determine the quantitative effect of each system on TRUE's KPIs. During the trial Friendly managed hundreds of thousands of devices on a single server and proved the following capabilities:

  • Lowered operational costs through remote management of devices
  • Reduced subscriber acquisition cost through zero-touch provisioning
  • Lower ongoing support costs and shorter average call duration
  • Improved customer experience through QoE monitoring
  • Easier way for adding new services
  • Reduced truck-roll

Friendly's Solution Modules

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Liel Anisenko

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