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TR-069 News | Jun 06, 2016

How Friendly's QoE Proxy Technology Saves Time and Headache for NOC Operators

Most of the methods collecting QoE data via TR-069 put a heavy load on the ACS activity. This happens for two reasons. First, without special processing, TR-069 is not efficient for collecting of massive QoE data. Second, standard TR-069 monitoring method (without STUN/XMPP) does not allow monitoring of devices behind NAT.Friendly developed a solution that overcomes these problems.

Based on a unique QoE Proxy technology, Friendly QoE Monitoring:

  1. Dramatically reduces the load on the ACS activity.
  2. Avoids unnecessary packets and throughput
  3. Obtains the missing KPI during the same session, resulting in an efficient, reliable extraction analysis and update of local and regional network tendencies reports in real time.

Additionally, all the essential QoE reports and graphs are updated in real-time, prior to being compressed and stored on a reliable Oracle database for historical reporting.

Would like to see Friendly's QoE Proxy in action? Send us a note, and will contact you shortly.

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Liel Anisenko

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