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Smart Home News

When TR-069/TR-369 USP and Location Based Services Meet

Smart use of insights acquired from a mobile network enriched data in combination with the TR-069/TR-369 USP device data can help service providers optimize their services, increase ARPU and identify potential service degradations and trends that should be closely monitored.


Tzvi Skapinker

Smart Home News | Sep 14, 2020
Smart Home News

About TR-369 USP's Rapid Ground Gaining and How It Can Add Value to Telcos

A lot has happened since Broadband Forum defined Technical Report 069 (TR-069) for remote management of CPE in May 2004. Since then, the world has become increasingly connected, and the demand for updated, agile management standards suitable for a wide range of "things" emerged. Broadband Forum recognized the pressing need and defined TR-369 USP - a modern, light, and secure standard designed to support the evolution of connected devices.


Liel Anisenko

Smart Home News | Jul 24, 2020
Smart Home News

When the Off-the-Shelf Smart Home Automation Solutions Are Not Enough or Why Choose a Device Management Platform for Introduction of Smart Home Automation Services.

A quick Google search shows that companies looking to launch a Smart Home service to the subscribers have an unlimited range of Smart Home platform vendors, from prominent Cloud providers, such as Google, and Amazon, to application providers like Wink. The solutions are very different in terms of the features they support. In this post, we will briefly go over the differences between Friendly’s Smart Home Management platform and the common Smart Home clouds or applications.


Tzvi Skapinker

Smart Home News | Jul 21, 2020
IoT News

IoT Device Management in 2020

In this post, we will talk about the powerful impact of full Device Management capabilities on IoT. We will list the main features that make carrier-grade, full-featured device management solutions, and see how they can optimize the deployment and management of IoT services.


Liel Anisenko

IoT News | Apr 01, 2020
Smart Home News

Challenges Telcos Face Offering Smart Home as a Service

Smart Home as Service is already being provided by a growing number of carriers and CSPs worldwide. Smart Home market amounts to $73,319M in 2019, according to Statista. However, significant challenges are yet to be solved to make the Smart Home service delivery as straightforward as of the triple-play services.


Tzvi Skapinker

Smart Home News | Dec 05, 2019
IoT News

Reducing Costs of Complex IoT Projects with Friendly's Smart Layer™ Technology

One of the main challenges that carriers or IoT service providers are facing today is making multiples types of devices IoT-ready, connected to one IoT platform, and operating seamlessly together, with the least manual work possible. This manual work that IoT service providers often inevitably are forced to do to make their services operational can quickly turn into a time-consuming process requiring massive financial investment.


Liel Anisenko

IoT News | Nov 19, 2019
IoT News

IoT Device Management vs. IoT Platform

Often, when people say "IoT Platform," they really mean "IoT Application". Standard IoT apps that enable limited IoT functionality are usually enough for basic IoT scenarios. They can connect devices and sensors to the cloud, monitor and collect data, and provide IoT project visualization. The IoT Device Management enables provisioning and authentication of the devices, remote configuration and management, monitoring and diagnostics, and firmware or software updates and maintenance.


Liel Anisenko

IoT News | Nov 11, 2019
TR-069 News

All About FCC Speed Test Requirement

The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) has set the target to provide high-speed Internet access to millions of Americans who have lacked such access previously. As part of its Connect America Fund (CAF), it has been financially encouraging broadband carriers and service providers to provide a certain quality of Internet connection. In July 2018, the FCC issued a DA 18-710 document detailing the requirements that the recipients of CAF funds must comply with. In this post, we cover the basics of the FCC requirements.


Liel Anisenko

TR-069 News | Sep 04, 2019

Jun 06, 2017

All CPEs are Not Created Equal: Choosing a CPE Wisely for Smooth TR-069 Function - Part 1

Nov 11, 2019

IoT Device Management vs. IoT Platform

Jul 05, 2018

What is TR-369 USP and What Value Does It Bring ?

Sep 01, 2016

Ensuring The Security of Friendly's Cloud Solution

Jun 06, 2016

How Friendly's QoE Proxy Technology Saves Time and Headache for NOC Operators

Mar 09, 2018

Use Case: International Food and Drink Company Goes Smart with Friendly.

Oct 06, 2016

Friendly Technologies to exhibit IoT and Smart Home Management solutions at WISPAPALOOZA 2016 event in Las Vegas.

Aug 02, 2016

Why Friendly's Cloud Solution Is So Popular With Service Providers

Sep 05, 2016

Overcoming Challenges of Multi-Protocol Device Management - TRUE Thailand Case Study

Jun 08, 2017

All CPEs are Not Created Equal: Choosing a CPE Wisely for Smooth TR-069 Function - Part 2

Feb 07, 2017

Cyber Defense for TR-069 Device Management and IoT Management Platforms

Aug 15, 2017

Multi-tenant solution for IoT Device Management

Jun 11, 2017

All CPEs are Not Created Equal: Choosing a CPE Wisely – So That TR-069 Runs Smoothly on Your Network Part 3

Jan 10, 2019

Looking to Deploy a TR-069 ACS Solution? Here are Some Crucial Purchasing Criteria You Should Consider

Feb 15, 2018

Wi-Fi Connectivity and QoE - Problem Resolution

Jun 18, 2018

Narrowband IoT Is Gaining Traction with Recent Deployments

Nov 13, 2017

The Future of TR-069 - BBWF 2017 Recap

Jul 01, 2019

IoT Device Management to Cut Electricity Costs for Municipalities Worldwide

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