CS Server

What is ACS Server?

ACS (Auto Configuration Server) remotely provisions, monitors and manages TR-069 enabled CPEs via CPE WAN Management Protocol. The automation of CPE management enables dramatic reduction of operational costs, accelerated time-to-market, improved customer experience and decreased churn.

Friendly’s ACS Server

Friendly’s TR-069 server streamlines and simplifies the entire service life cycle of broadband devices from deployment to ongoing management and support. By providing zero-touch provisioning and tools to diagnose and solve problems remotely on the CPE, the system reduces the number of calls to the help desk and shortens the time spent per calls that do arrive. As a result, service providers enjoy significant reduction in OPEX, while increasing customer satisfaction.

ACS Server - TR-069 Server

Robust and Carrier-Grade Technology

Friendly’s ACS Server is a robust, carrier grade server, installed by the leading Tier 1, 2 and 3 operators on five continents. The system is easy to deploy and use, automatically manages any type of device and requires minimal professional services.The products offer an advanced architecture designed for mass deployment and management of millions of devices on a single platform, offering outstanding scalability and carrier-class security.

Device Agnostic Solution

Friendly Technologies applies “best of breed” approach which simplifies and streamlines the deployment, support and management of any types of CPE. Friendly’s TR 069 server offers a single centralized management of all the devices regardless of their type and manufacturer.

Multi-Protocol Solution

Friendly's ACS server manages devices over various standards - TR-069, OMA-DM, LWM2M, MQTT, SNMP and others - on one unified platform.

Friendly Cyber Shield

In a recent study of worldwide TR-069 ACS implementations conducted by Check Point, a global leader of Internet Security, Check Point’s Malware and Vulnerability Research Group uncovered security flaws in solutions of TR-069 device management vendors. It was found that by gaining access to TR-069 ACS (servers), hackers or intelligent agencies could potentially compromise millions of routers and the home networks they serve.

Friendly Technologies and Check Point Software Technologies ran a joint assessment of Friendly Technologies' TR-069 Device Management software, in order to evaluate and validate that the product, deployed by the company's global Tier-1 customers, is secure. Although no major security flaws were found, Friendly Technologies introduced the Friendly Cyber Shield.

Friendly Cyber Shield module actively monitors patterns in device configuration to detect Cyber and DDoS attack before they happen. This allows detecting attack attempts in their early stages, long before hackers succeed in turning masses of managed devices into an “army of botnets.” Thus, network administrators can take timely preventing actions, providing an effective defense against security threats.

Unique Smart Layer™ technology

Friendly’s unique Smart Layer™Technology enables the completely automated introduction of new types of devices and data models. It eliminates the manual work and professional services required in most systems for managing devices over TR-069. As a result, Friendly’s unique Smart Layer™ technology reduces TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and shortens CSPs’ time to market.

Flexible and customer‑oriented service

Friendly Technologies provides a flexible, response and customer-oriented service. Our ACS server installation requires minimum professional services and provides a full automation for introduction of new device models. Friendly TEchnologies has a strong reputation for providing tailor-made features quickly and efficiently.

Friendly ACS Server Features:

  • Carrier-class, robust and feature-rich management platform, installed at 200+ carriers and CSPs
  • Multi-protocol support – TR-069, OMA-DM, SNMP, LwM2M, MQTT & others
  • Zero‑touch provisioning Support of residential and enterprise use cases
  • QoE monitoring and events triggering
  • Wi-Fi optimization, troubleshooting and repair
  • Special features for LTE, FTTH, xDSL, Wi-Fi and Cable networks
  • IP-Phones management and management of devices behind NAT (via STUN or XMPP)
  • Firmware management
  • Remote diagnostics and automatic problem resolution
  • Back-up and restore – including “replace device” and “last good known”
  • Group campaigns including customizable “step-by-step” remote update
  • Inventory management by tenant’s and customer’s profile
  • APIs – various types of APIs (low & high level)
  • IPV4/6 support
  • Tools for self-customization of UI screens
  • Users management and permissions with LDAP/ADSI integration Reports: standard reports, integrated BI, integration to external BI, export to CSV

Friendly TR-069 Server Deployment Options

Friendly's ACS server can be installed:

  • On Premises - separate systems with optional top management layer to aggregate reports
  • Cloud based – separate instances with optional top management layer to aggregate reports
  • Cloud based - one system with multi-tenants and unlimited hierarchies (see the illustration below)
  • Modular Solution – ability to integrate to existing solutions

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