World Leading Device Management Technology

Robust, Carrier-Grade Technology Solutions

Friendly's device management technology is based on industry standards – TR-069/TR-369 USP, OMA-DM, LwM2M, MQTT, SNMP, and others. The products offer an advanced architecture for mass deployment and management of millions of devices on a single platform, offering outstanding scalability and carrier-grade security. It offers web-based interfaces for the management of devices and automation of the support processes. Field-proven solutions, Friendly's technology's products have been deployed by hundreds of carriers, CSPs, and device manufacturers around the world, managing IoT, Smart Home, and Broadband services.

Best of Breed Approach, Unified Management of Any Device Type

Friendly Technologies implements the “best of breed” approach,which simplifies and streamlines the deployment, support, and management of any device or sensor. It offers single centralized management of all the devices regardless of their type or manufacturer.

Accelerated Time-to-Market with the Unique Smart Layer™ Technology

Thanks to its unique Smart Layer™ technology, Friendly eliminates the need for costly development and integration efforts when adding new device types. This feature eliminates the need to study in-depth device management protocol, develop complicated scripts, and integrate to OSS and other systems, dramatically reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and enabling quicker market share capture and gain of a significant competitive edge.

Support Cost Reduction

Friendly's unique Automatic Problem Resolution technology dramatically reduces support calls by diagnosing problems and automatically solving them. It features support automation scripts to solve problems automatically before the subscriber calls support.

Ensuring Security of Home Networks

In a recent study of worldwide TR-069 ACS implementations conducted by Check Point, a global leader of Internet Security, Check Point’s Malware and Vulnerability Research Group uncovered security flaws in solutions of the TR-069 device management vendors. The study showed that by gaining access to TR-069 auto-configuration servers, hackers or intelligent agencies could potentially compromise millions of routers and the home networks they serve.

Friendly Technologies and Check Point Software Technologies ran a joint assessment of Friendly Technologies' TR-069 Device Management software, that evaluated and confirmed that Friendly's TR-069 Device Management solution, deployed by the company's global Tier-1 customers, is secure. Although no major security flaws were found, Friendly Technologies introduced additional measures to increase its products' security level, in accordance with Check Point's recommendations.

Award-winning Solution

Friendly Technologies has received the Frost & Sullivan Customer Value Leadership Award in recognition of its best practices in the enablement of unified device management. Friendly received the award because it is consistently deepening customer relationships and offering first-class products that deliver a clear ROI. Friendly’s unified device management tool provides a superior experience for customers around the world—by offering strong overall performance and an extensive product line for the IoT and Smart Home markets, and supporting standard protocols such as TR-069, OMA-DM, LwM2M, and others. The award reflects Friendly’s unique contribution across the entire competitive landscape of companies considered and analyzed by Frost & Sullivan’s industry group.