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IoT Device Management

  • Friendly One-IoT™ Management Platform for IoT service providers, system integrators and IoT device manufacturers
  • Friendly IoT Embedded Clients - LWM2M, OMA-DM, TR-069 - for device and chipset manufacturers

TR-069 Device Management

The most popular TR-069 ACS solution worldwide!

Optimize the deployment and support of Data, VoIP and IPTV services and improve subscriber's QoE.


Smart Home Platform

Full Smart Home Solution for service providers

Offer your own Smart Home service within days!


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IoT Platforms vs. IoT Device Management

Often, when people say "IoT Platform," they mean IoT Application. IoT apps enabling limited IoT functionality are usually enough for basic IoT scenarios. They can connect devices and sensors to the cloud, monitor and collect data, and provide IoT project visualization. Large-scale IoT scenarios require an advanced IoT functionality. Device Management component is a must when the IoT scenario requires a connection, management, and integration of thousands of IoT devices and sensors.

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All About FCC Speed Test Requirement

The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) has set the target to provide high-speed Internet access to millions of Americans who have lacked such access previously. As part of its Connect America Fund (CAF), it has been financially encouraging broadband carriers and service providers to provide a certain quality of Internet connection. In July 2018, the FCC issued a DA 18-710 document detailing the requirements that the recipients of CAF funds must comply with. In this post, we cover the basics of the FCC requirements.

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About Us

Friendly Technologies is a leading provider of carrier-class platforms for IoT, Smart Home, and TR-069 device management.

Friendly has been providing TR-069 device management solutions to carriers and service providers since 2007. When IoT and the Smart Home first emerged, Friendly leveraged its experience and extended its offering to the IoT and Smart Home markets. Today, Friendly provides a unified IoT platform for management of LWM2M, MQTT, OMA-DM, and TR-069 devices – and a full solution for the Smart Home.

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