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Internet of Things/ M2M Clients

Friendly's Internet of Things M2M line includes embedded and application-based clients and management server. The solution enables remote inventory management, firmware upgrade, remote setting configuration, QoE monitoring and alerts, support automation, service management and more. Our clients are based on standard protocols.

Friendly Embedded LWM2M Client for M2M Applications

Friendly's Lightweight M2M (LWM2M) embedded client is designed for management of constrained IoT and M2M devices and sensors. Friendly’s LWM2M client has a notably small CPU and memory footprint designed specifically with the IoT concept in mind, and it targets LTE Category 1, Category 0 and Category M devices.

Main Features:

  • Minimum requirements for power, RAM and connectivity bandwidth
  • Based on efficient, secure IETF standards (CoAP and DTLS with UDP and SMS bindings)
  • Interfaces:
    • Bootstrapping – Pre-provisioned or client/server initiated
    • Registration – Registers the client and its objects
    • Management and service enablement – Server access to object or resource
    • Information reporting – Notifications with new resource values
  • Object model
    • Object defines resources; each can have instances
    • Straightforward definition of new objects
    • Registration of object IDs with the OMA Naming Authority (OMNA)

Our LWM2M client has a minimal footprint tailored for ultra-low power, low memory and cost optimized devices. The launch of the LWM2M client reflects Friendly’s involvement and expertise in the IoT industry, after the successful launch of our OMA-DM client, for Category 3, Category 4 and Category 6 devices. As a member of the OMA (Open Mobile Alliance) Forum, Friendly Technologies is committed to developing its LWM2M client according to OMA specifications and standardization. Friendly’s LWM2M client offers a highly efficient communication protocol, which facilitates reduced traffic and minimizes power consumption.

Friendly’s LWM2M embedded client simplifies the development of M2M applications, lowers development costs, and shortens time to market. Because it is standards-based, it offers full interoperability with all LWM2M servers - or, alternatively, with Friendly’s own LWM2M server. Friendly’s LWM2M GA release supports DTLS for security and all eight-object models: L2M2M Security, L2M2M Server, Access Control, Device, Connectivity Monitoring, Firmware, Location, and Connectivity Statistics.

LWM2M Management Server is available.

Friendly OMA-DM Embedded Client

Friendly's OMA-DM Embedded Client is designed for devices with more resources and additional requirements. The OMA-DM embedded client is ideal for device manufacturers and mobile carriers, and allows the deployment of embedded clients for device management and support—specifically for devices that run over a Linux/Android OS, such as dongles, gateways, 4G routers, healthcare and security devices, and cars.

Main Features:

  • Registration and provisioning
  • Full data model management
  • FUMO – Update Android ROM image over-the-air
  • APN (Access Point) configuration (objects for SMS, MMS, and Internet access)
  • Diagnostics & monitoring
  • Restart device
  • Additional functionalities available upon request

Friendly's OMA-DM server is available upon request.

OMA-DM Client (Android Application)

The OMA-DM client can run as an embedded client or Android application. The most suitable usage scenario for the OMA-DM clients is BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) or pre-installed client. End users or mobile device management administrators within an organization are responsible for device enrollment deployed from Google Play or at local organization Application Repository. Android platform certificate or inclusion into Android ROM are not required.

Main Features:

  • Registration and provisioning (OMA-CP)
  • Full data model management
  • APN object management / configuration
  • WiFi Access Point management / configuration :
  • LAWMO – Factory Reset and Wipe (including full lock & unlock)
  • FUMO – Update firmware over-the-air
  • SCOMO – Application management (including install/uninstall)
  • Diagnostics & monitoring
  • OS info object:
    • Base band version
    • Build date
    • Build number
    • Kernel version
    • Model number
    • OS name
    • OS version
  • Device capabilities management
    • Turn Bluetooth on/off
    • Turn Camera on/off
    • Turn Microphone on/off
    • Turn WiFi on/off
  • Connection request initiation via WAP push
  • OMA-DM server setup form to configure connection parameters
  • Device status object:
    • Storage Information
    • Battery level
    • Battery status
    • IMEI
    • IP address
    • Mobile network type
    • Network
    • Phone number
    • Roaming state
    • Service state
    • Signal strength
    • Uptime
    • WiFi MAC address

Friendly's OMA-DM server is also available, upon request.

Friendly Technologies is honored to receive Frost & Sullivan’s 2015 Best Practices Award for Unified Device and Smart Home Management


  • Smart City
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Security
  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Fleet Management
  • Asset Tracking